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Cost-Effective Well Water Chlorination Systems

Water-Pro offers chlorination systems in Myakka, Florida and the surrounding areas. Chlorination systems are an essential component for any water well system. When combined with a filtration system, chlorination systems provide a cost-effective way to deal with odors, iron and other metals. The quality of the water from your water well goes beyond how it tastes or smells. It’s critical that the water you use to wash, cook, or drink is treated to remove harmful substances. This can include metals, bacteria’s and other foreign substances. While homes that rely on city water  won’t need chlorination system, your personal well needs to be protected. If you are concerned about the quality and safety of your water, call or contact Water-Pro. We’ll analyze your water and give you a clear assessment of what may be needed to protect your family.

FAQ: Will my Chlorination System Taste and Smell of Chlorine?

Your water system works hard to keep the level of chlorine in the water at a level that effectively disinfects, while keeping taste and odor to a minimum. Over time, as the chlorination system stabilizes, any taste or smells of chlorine will diminish or go away completely. We are here to help you find the best water treatment for your needs and answer any questions you have.

Benefits of Water Chlorination Systems

It’s always recommended that you have your water tested by a professional to determine the state of your water and the best solution. Some of the benefits of water chlorination are: 


Chlorination systems for water wells are not expensive and easy to install.


They require minimal maintenance. Depending on the type of chlorination system this entails adding chlorine to the system every few months, either in tablet or powder form or adding chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite).


Chlorination systems typically don’t require electricity to operate which contributes to their low cost of operation.

How a Chlorinator Works

Chlorinators are devices that are designed to introduce small amounts of chlorine to a gravity fed water system in order to disinfect water. The most common chlorinators use a process called “shock” chlorination. As water from your well pumps into to a central chamber it comes in contact with chlorine tablets that dissolve into the water. That water then flows into another tank where it dilates more before being pumped to the home for consumption.

As with any water well treatment, it’s important to have your water tested by a professional. Our technicians will test for bacteria, alkalinity, iron, manganese, PH, hydrogen sulfide and other dissolved solids. They’ll also determine the right system to meet the PSI of your system, and the flow rate of your well pump. Knowing this will allow us to recommend the proper chlorination system. The right system will address the chlorine demand based on your water and if a contact tank is required.

chlorination systems Myakka

Treat Coliform, E Coli and Many Other Harmful Bacteria

When we install your chlorination system, we will ensure that there is a sufficient amount of chlorine added to the water to inactivate any harmful bacteria and viruses.  These systems are effective at eliminating coliform, E. coli, iron bacteria and sulfur bacteria. The chlorine takes care of neutralizing all those harmful bacteria and more.

Contact Water-Pro for Your Chlorination System

We are a locally owned family business serving Ellenton since 1981. We provide affordable and effective solutions to for all of your water treatment needs. Whether you’re on city water or well water, the experts at Water-Pro have the expertise to tackle any problem or need. From water testing, chlorination systems, water softening, water treatments, or water well pump repairs and replacement, we do it all. Named multiple times by the Venice Gondolier-Sun as a Readers’ Choice Award Winner, we strive every day to earn and grow our reputation.  Our goal is to live up to our customers’ expectations and provide you with superior service. If you need a water well chlorination system, call us today.

This is a great company the take care of my water system which includes pump, well and whole house softening system. They are prompt and courteous. Very reliable.

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