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As a follow-on commentary to the news items below, there seems to be yet another company sending out mailers which read, in part: "-- Information Regarding Your Water Service Line --" This company also has supposedly licensed the logo of a very well-known retired person's organization that has 4 letters in its logo. You may very well have received a mailing of this nature if you live in our service area, as several of our customers have. The gist of the letter is to get homeowners to pay a monthly fee to protect against expensive repairs that may be needed on your water service line from your water meter (if on municipal water), or your line from the well head to the house. Included in this mailing is an "Acceptance Form", and a tri-fold blue and white brochure explaining the responsibilities of the homeowner and the company. While we cannot advise our customers or potential customers on whether to respond to this mailing or not, we do reiterate again to please be careful on responding to any mailings of this nature, as well as door-to-door water treatment sales people, and telephone solicitors. We are aware of a few local companies that have telemarketing rooms which operate strictly to set up appointments with high-pressure salespeople who will keep you at your kitchen table until you sign a purchase agreement with them.
On Wednesday, April 22, 2015, a local Tampa TV station aired a story of an outfit in Clearwater which was sending out letters advising residents of an offer to perform work on their water lines. The report further explained that residents might be mislead into believing these letters were from the City of Clearwater, and even referenced a so-called "public education campaign" in conjunction with the City of Clearwater, which is simply not true. While the story stopped short of naming the company involved, we at Water-Pro have a hunch that this might be the same outfit behind the water treatment scams we have addressed below, although we are not 100% sure. If this is true, we further feel that the ultimate goal of this outfit is to sell unsuspecting consumers water-treatment equipment that would be purported to help protect the homeowner's pipes in the future from pinhole leaks or other issues that may or may not actually exist. It may very well be a new angle on an age-old scam to get people to sign purchase agreements (contracts) for possibly unnecessary and/or over-priced water treatment equipment. We urge our customers and prospective customers to please continue to be aware of these types of scams as this outfit has operated in our area previously (see immediately below, please). Also, please look out for your friends, relatives, neighbors, and especially the elderly to help prevent them from becoming victims.
Last year, we reviewed a news item that was published in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. The article was about scammers who are active in the water-treatment business in our area. (See below). We bring this up again because Water-Pro has learned of yet another long-time customer who fell victim to this same company in September 2013. Without going into too much detail, these folks wound up paying four times as much for a water treatment system as they would have if they bought it from Water-Pro. But, to add insult to injury, the system that was previously installed in their home by Water-Pro was less than three years old and was in perfect operating condition when the scammers struck. We have also learned that our customers had indeed responded to the mailings that we have talked about below. It distresses everyone on staff at Water-Pro that not only are people--some of them our customers--being taken advantage of, but also the fact that it gives our industry a bad reputation. A reputation which Water-Pro and our legitimate brick-and-mortar competitors try to protect each day in the areas in which we serve. Please take a moment to read further so YOU do not become a victim of this water-treatment scam outfit.
We have addressed this subject previously in this space, but it bears repeating. In the February 9th, 2014 edition of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, page 1 of Section B contained an article entitled "Scams are arriving the old-school way." Of the items discussed, water treatment scams were once again front and center. You may have received an official-looking envelope in the mail with perhaps the words "Testing", "Pure", "Florida", "Solutions", "Systems", "Southeast", and "Water" contained in the return address. The envelope may also say something about "Important.............Information Enclosed", "Water Inspection Notice Inside". Inside, there may be a postage-paid postcard that may say something like: "...we will be in your area performing water tests very soon...". There are several versions of this card out there with different company names, and originating & return addresses on it in the greater Tampa Bay area: Tampa, Winter Haven, Pinellas Park, Palm Harbor, and Clearwater, but in reality, it all winds up at the same place. We at Water-Pro, members of our employees' extended families, and customers of Water-Pro have all received these mailings on multiple occasions in the mail. It should become obvious pretty quickly that these are all from the same people, even though they are operating under different names with different return addresses.
The same people running these outfits have operated under several different names and have been using high-pressure sales & scare tactics to persuade area citizens, often elderly and single, into buying over-priced equipment that they often do not need. In many cases, this unscrupulous seller, while performing a "water test" on the person's water, will add a substance to the sample which will make the natural minerals, also known as dissolved solids, in a given water sample clump together and settle to the bottom. (On some versions of the cards that are out there, in the lower-right corner is a space for the water test results. The result of this part of the test is known as "Precip" on the card). "Look at the crap that you are putting into your body!" is but one of the visual scare-tactics used by this outfit. The seller will keep the prospective customer at their kitchen table until they sign a contract for this new equipment. The customer might already have equipment that is working perfectly, or might not even need any equipment at all. Once the new equipment is installed, the customer's existing equipment, if any, is hauled away, the money collected, the seller never seen again, and the buyer is left with overpriced equipment that simply does not work properly. In other cases, the buyer has paid the seller for several service contracts on the same piece of equipment. Unfortunately, one of the most recent victims Water-Pro is aware of is one of our long-time customers.
Again, we mention this only because Water-Pro does not want to see this happen to anyone--especially our valued existing and prospective customers. Please be especially careful if you choose to respond to this type of solicitation and who you invite into your home or place of business. If anything, do not sign any contracts until you get at least two more estimates from local, reputable companies, such as Water-Pro. We are a proud member of the Florida Water Quality Association, the Venice Area Chamber of Commerce & Better Business Department, the National Federation of Independent Business, and an affiliate member of the Venice Area Board of Realtors®. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to request a FREE, no-obligation, no-pressure, written estimate. A Water-Pro technician--not a salesman who knows nothing about water treatment--will be the one to test your water for hardness, iron, sulphur, chlorides (municipal water and some well water systems with chlorine injection systems), tannins, and TDS (total dissolved solids).
Water Drop — Water Treatment Equipment in Venice, FL
You may have heard advertisements on the radio or seen commercials on TV for various products that claim to improve the quality of your water. Everything from devices that clamp to your incoming water line that supposedly remove limescale buildup to countertop filters that claim to remove just about everything that could be present in a particular water source. These devices simply DO NOT WORK! If they did, everyone, including Water-Pro, would be selling them. Think about it!

Water-Pro only sells "industry-standard" equipment. "What does 'industry-standard' mean?" you may ask. It means that these products have been designed and manufactured following guidelines established by the water-treatment equipment manufacturing industry as well as professional associations. Furthermore, the equipment in question is 'non-proprietary'. This means that parts for this equipment can be manufactured by various vendors and will generally fit a range of equipment, depending on the application. 'Proprietary' equipment, on the other hand, is manufactured by a company in such a way as you must use their replacement parts (and usually their dealer network's service personnel) because no other manufacturer can make and sell parts for that proprietary equipment. You are, in essence, "married" to this equipment for the duration of its service life, should you choose to purchase from a company that manufactures or distributes its own proprietary equipment.

An example: When it comes time to change filters in an industry-standard undersink reverse-osmosis system, such as one that Water-Pro sells, you can obtain the correct filters at a very reasonable cost--whether you buy them from us or a competitor--and they will fit your unit. If you have a proprietary undersink reverse-osmosis system, however, your filters must be purchased from the dealer representing that manufacturer and you will most likely pay several times more in dollars and cents for your replacement filters. That company can name their own price because they are the only place you can get filters for that particular unit. Please keep this in mind when shopping for water treatment equipment!

Again, feel free to contact Water-Pro for a no-obligation estimate BEFORE you buy.